This is the page where my mom and I will keep track of the books I read during the year. We had been setting goals, and I had been MORE THAN meeting them, but last year I spent too much time on the computer and didn’t reach the goal we’d set. This year we’re not going to set a goal, but we are still going to keep track of how many books and pages I read. I want to do better than I did last year, which is a goal of a sort.

ETA: I decided that I wanted a real reading goal, so mom and I decided to aim for 150 books.

Leo Geo by Jon Chad
Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis by Jon Chad
Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
Darkmouth by Shane Hegarty
Human Body Theater by Maris Wicks
Primates by Jim Ottaviani
T-minus: the RAce to the Moon by Jim Ottaviani
Ender’s Game: Battle School by Orson Scott Card and Christopher Yost
Ender’s Game: Command School by Orson Scott Card and Christopher Yost
Bad Kitty: Takes the Test by Nick Bruel
The Dragon of Lonely Island by Rebecca Rupp
Ender’s Game: Formic Wars: Burning Earth by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
Treasure Hunters: The Secret of the Forbidden City by James Patterson
The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded by Jim Ottaviani
LumberJanes by Noelle Stevenson

  • Beware the Kitten Holy
  • Friendship to the Max
  • A Terrible Plan
  • Out of Time

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth by Jay Hosler
Adventures in Cartooning by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost

  • Christmas Special
  • Characters in Action

Sleepless Knight by James Sturm
Ender’s Game: War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card, Jake Black, Timothy Green II, Aaron Johnston, and Pop Mhan
The Big Fat Cow goes Capow by Andy Griffiths
The Cat on the Mat is Flat by Andy Griffiths
What the Dickens by Gregory Maguire
The Stuff of Life: A graphic guide to genetics and DNA by Mark Schultz
The Adventures of Tintin by Herge

  • Tintin in Tibet
  • Tintin Explores the Moon
  • The Seven Crystal Balls
  • Prisoners of the Sun
  • Land of Black Gold
  • The Calculus Affair
  • The Secret of the Unicorn
  • The Broken Ear
  • Cigars of the Pharaoh
  • Red Rackham’s Treasure
  • King Ottokar’s Sceptre
  • Tintin in America
  • Tintin and the Picaros
  • The Blue Lotus
  • The Shooting Star
  • The Castafiore Emerald
  • Flight 714 to Sydney
  • The Red Sea Sharks

The Ninja Librarians by Jen Swann Downey

  • The Sword in the Stacks

Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey by Nick Bertozzi
Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow by James Sturm & Rich Tommaso
Science Comics

  • Volcanoes: Fire & Life by John Chad
  • Dinosaurs: Fossils & Feathers by MK Reed and Joe Flood
  • Bats: Learning to Fly by Falynn Koch
  • Coral Reefs: Cities of the Ocean by Maris Wicks

Darwin: A Graphic Biography by Eugene Byrne & Simon Gurr
Secret Coders by Gene Luen Yang
Secret Coders: Secrets and Sequences by Gene Luen Yang
Secret Coders: Paths and Portals by Gene Luen Yang
March by John Lewis

  • Book One
  • Book Two
  • Book Three

Asterix by Goscinny and Uderzo

  • The Mansions of the Gods
  • The Banquet
  • Asterix and Obelix All at Sea
  • Asterix in Corsica
  • Asterix and Son
  • Asterix and the Magic Carpet
  • Asterix and the Great Crossing
  • Asterix and the Secret Weapon
  • Asterix and the Laurel Wreath
  • Asterix and the Falling Sky
  • Asterix in Britain
  • Asterix and the Actress
  • Asterix and the Golden Sickle
  • Asterix and the Gladiator
  • Asterix and Cleopatra

Levitation: Physics and Psychology in the SErvice of Deception, a Story about Stage Magic by Jim Ottaviani
The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks
Mouse Guard by David Petersen

  • Fall 1152
  • Winter 1152
  • Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales

The Case of Madeleine Smith by Rick Geary
Basher Science: Engineering by Tom Jackson
Compass South by Hope Larson
The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie by Dave Butler

  • The Kidnap Plot
  • The Giant’s Seat

Gaijin: American Prisoner of War by Matt Faulkner
The Wrong Wrights by Steve Hockensmith and Chris Kientz
Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez
The Cartoon History of the Universe by Larry Gonick

  • Vol 1: The Evolution of Everything
  • Vol 2: Sticks and Stones
  • Vol 3: River Realms
  • Vol 4: Old Testament
  • Vol 5: Brains and Bronze
  • Vol 6: Who are These Athenians?
  • Vol 7: All about Athens

A Taste of Colored Water by Matt Faulkner
District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington, DC by Matt Dembicki
George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy & Stephen Hawking
Nick and Tesla by ‘Science Bob’ Plugfelder and Steve Hockensmith

  • Special Effects Spectacular
  • High-voltage Danger Lab

Take What You Can Carry by Kevin C Pyle
Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans by Don Brown
Avatar The Last Airbender: The Promise by Gene Luen Yang

  • Book One
  • Book Two
  • Book Three

The Left Behinds: The iPhone that Saved George Washington by David Potter
Hilda and the Stone Forest by Luke Pearson
Students on Strike: Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Brown, and Me by John A. Stokes
One Trick Pony by Nathan Hale
The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown
Filmish by Edward Ross
Meanwhile by Jason Shiga
American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
A Walk in Wolf Wood by Mary Stewart
Samurai Jack: Journey to the Impossible Islands by Tracey West
The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

  • The Curse of the Gloamglozer
  • The Winter Knights
  • The Last of the Sky Pirates
  • Vox
  • Freeglader

In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang
Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel
Cardboard by Doug TenNapel
The Stone Heart by Faith Erin Hicks
Last of the SandWalkers by Jay Hosler
Ben Franklin: Extraordinary Inventor, Brave Leader
Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Louis Braille: The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind by Margaret Davidson
Science Discoveries: Galileo and the Universe by Steve Parker
The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe
What Are You Figuring Now? A Story about Benjamin Banneker by Jeri Ferris
Blaze and the Forest Fire by C. W. Anderson
The Story of the orchestra by Robert Levine
Time Shifters by Chris Grine
Religion: a Discovery in Comics by Margreet de Heer
Houdini: The Handcuff King by Jason Lutes & Nick Bertozzi
Jake Drake, Know-it-all by Andrew Clements
The Mirrorstone by Michael Palin, Alan Lee & Richard Seymour
Stickman Odyssey: An Epic Doodle, Book One by Christopher Ford
Stickman Odyssey: The Wrath of Zozimos, Book Twoby Christopher Ford
Lewis & Clark by Nick Bertozzi
Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo
Stabbity Bunny by Richard Rivera
Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems

  • My Friend is Sad
  • I Love My New Toy
  • There Is a Bird on Your Head
  • A Big Guy Took My Ball
  • I broke my Trunk
  • Waiting is Not Easy

Total books: 151
Total pages: 18637