Physical Science ch4 lesson 2

1. Define electron cloud in your own words.

An electron cloud is a field of possibilities for the location of a electron around an atom.

2. Use the phrase energy level in a sentence.

The electron moved up a energy level after absorbing the energy.

3. What did the gold-foil experiment show?
a. Electrons exist.
b. Protons exist.
C. An atom has a nucleus.
d. Electrons move in circles.

C (?)

4. List the experimental evidence that led to the development of these atomic models:
Thomson’s, Rutherford’s, Bohr’s

Movement of electrons in a cathode ray tube, unanticipated behaviors from light particles, and

5. Explain why Rutherford’s model is sometimes called the nuclear atom.

Because it was the first model to introduce the nucleus.

6. Describe the way electrons, protons, and neutrons are arranged in an atom.

Protons and neutrons are both located at the center of the atom, in a cluster of particles called the nucleus. Electrons are located in a field of probability around the nucleus.

7. Decide whether research on particles such as quarks is likely to have an important effect on the principles of chemistry.

I think research on particles like quarks will not have a significant effect on the principles of chemistry, but I think they will enhance our understanding of chemistry as a whole.

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