Science, ch3 lesson 2

1. _________ is force per unit area.


2. Restate Archimedes’ principle in your own words.

The buoyant force on any object is equivalent to the weight of the fluid it displaces.

3. Describe two ways to increase the pressure exerted on an object.

Decrease the unit area or increase the force on the aforementioned unit area.

4. Compare the pressure at a depth of 10 m to a depth of 2000 m below the surface of the ocean. Explain the cause of the difference in pressure.

The pressure at 10 m below sea level is lower than the pressure at 2000 m, and the cause of the difference in pressure is the amount of water weighing down on it.

5. Explain why you feel that you weigh less than normal when you are in a swimming pool.

You weigh less than normal because the buoyant force is partially counteracting gravity.

6. Evaluate the statement, “Heavy things sink and light things float.” Is the statement true or false? If false, rewrite a true statement about floating and sinking objects.

The statement “Heavy things sink and light things float” is incorrect, a more correct statement would be “Objects denser than the fluid they are suspended in sink, and objects lighter than the fluid it is suspended in float.”

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