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Last time I was at my student government class my council finished up the posters for the Eggstravaganza, and then began creating rules for the games at the event we were managing. We started with the egg hunt, where we defined a play area, and figured out how to manage the egg hunt for older and younger kids. Then, we moved onto musical chairs, which we figured was self-explanatory, so we quickly moved on.

The next game that we made the rules for was a modified version of pin the tail on the donkey, which was pin the tail on the rabbit, which we didn’t as so much make rules, but instead made guidelines for how it would work, where instead of it using a pin to attach the tail to the rabbit, for safety we decided on using tape.

The last game we made the rules for was a bunny hop race where we decided to mark the start and end of the race with cones, and tie the feet of the participants together with thin paper.

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  1. Great job, Duncan! You’ve really been a great leader on your team! Your committee members are all working so hard, and I’m impressed with how much was accomplished! Don’t forget you also researched candy and prizes!

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