Science Chapter 2 Lesson 1

1. ______ is the combination of all forces acting on an object.

Net force

2. Restate Newton’s first law of motion in your own words.

Newton’s first law states that if a object has a net force of 0 than it will stay at it’s current velocity.

3. State what you know about the forces acting on an object that is moving at a constant velocity. Are the forces balanced or unbalanced.

If a object is moving at constant without acceleration or deceleration of velocity then the forces on it must be balanced.

4. Describe how a 300-N force can combine with a 100-N force to produce a net force of 200N on a sled.

If the 300N of force are headed parallel to the 100N force then it would combine for a net force in the direction of the 300N.

5. Describe the effect balanced and unbalanced forces have on objects’ motion.

Balanced forces mean that the all of the forces cancel out making the net force 0, while an object with unbalanced forces has some forces that don’t cancel out, making the net force greater than 0.

6. Which statement is true?
A. An object in motion always has an unbalanced force acting on it.
B. An object in motion cannot be acted on by more than one force.
C. An object at rest will remain at rest unless an unbalanced force acts on it.
D. The net force of an object in motion can’t be zero.


7. Imagine a car being acted on by unbalance forces. What do you know about the motion of the car?

The car is accelerating or decelerating in some direction.

8. Assess the differences between an object that has no force acting on it and an object that has a zero net force acting on it. Can you determine which is which?

Provided that you can’t observe the compression from the forces on the object with a net force of 0 there is no way to tell the difference.

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