Science Ch 2 Lesson 2

1. Define normal force in your own words.

The Normal Force is the force exerted from contact perpendicular to gravity with a object.

2. _______ is the gravitational force acting on an object.


3. Identify all of the types of forces acting on you as you sit in your chair.

Gravity, Normal Force, and Static Friction.

4. State the universal law of gravitation.

All objects are attracted to each other with a fore that depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between them.

5. Organize Information – Copy the graphic organizer below and list forces and brief descriptions of forces mentioned in this lesson.

6. Give an example of a moving object that has balanced horizontal forces and balanced vertical forces acting on it.


7. Why do you notice the pull of Earth’s gravity but not the pull of the Sun’s gravity?
A. Gravity only pulls on objects that are touching each other.
B. Earth is much heavier than the Sun.
C. The Sun is very far away.
D. The Sun’s gravity only pulls on you during the day.

Option C

8. Evaluate the following statement: “An object is acted on by either horizontal or vertical forces.” Give an example not discussed in the text that shows this statement is false.

A plane goes forward and up.

9. Construct a diagram of a mass hanging from a spring scale. What are the forces acting on the mass?

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