Science Ch 1 Lesson 2

1. Distinguish between velocity and acceleration.

Velocity is a vector representing speed and direction, while acceleration is change of velocity.

2. _______ is the rate of change of velocity.

Acceleration is the change of velocity.

3. Identify – Copy and fill in the graphic organizer below to identify three vectors.

Acceleration, velocity, and displacement.

4. Which of the following is not accelerating?

B. a sprinter starting from rest and running 100 m in 9.8 s
C. a racecar traveling 175 km/hr on a straight track
D. an airplane traveling 500 km/hr and turning to the north

Option C.

5. State the ways velocity can change

6. Calculate how far an airplane woudl fly in 3 h if its average speed is 800 km/hr.

2400 km/h

7. Give an example of an object that is accelerating but is traveling at a constant speed.


8. Relate speed, velocity, and acceleration.

Speed is one of the parts of velocity, and velocity is one of the parts of acceleration.

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