Science Ch 1 Lesson 1

1. Displacement is a(n) ________ because it has both magnitude and direction.


2. Define ‘reference point’ in your own words.

A reference point is used as a base to define other thing

3. Which of the following is a true statement?
A: Displacement Always equals distance traveled.
B. Distance traveled is the magnitude of the displacement vector.
C. Displacement and distance traveled are the same measurements.
D Distance traveled sometimes equals the magnitude of the displacement vector.

Option D

4. State the relationship between the plus (+) and the minus (-) sign when used with a reference direction.

The plus when given a reference direction means that it is in that direction and the minus sign means it is in the opposite direction.

5. Explain the importance of communicating the reference point when giving a position.

Giving directions without a point of reference is pointless because the directions could be explaining how to get there from a different location.

6. Summarize – Copy ad fill in the graphic organizer below to identify the two parts of a displacement vector.

The distance from the origin and the direction from the origin.

7. Evaluate these descriptions of the position of an object. Suggest ways to improve each description. a. The store is three blocks from my car. b. My house is 200 m north of the freeway. c. The grocery is 100m west of here.

A. the store is 3 block west from my car. Part B and C both fit the given definitions so I am unsure how to answer

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