Answers to History Homework

Here’s the answers to my history homework.

  1. Coastal cities in the middle colonies developed because high quality harbors allowed for those nearby to make a living
  2. Religious tolerance was developed in the middle colonies partially due to the diversity of the immigrants there, as well as the religion that the founders of some of the middle colonies were Quakers, which was a religion that valued freedom of religion.
  3. The two languages that I’ve heard most are English and Chinese, although at the time of the first 13 colonies it was likely English and German.
  4. There would be roughly 115830 English speakers, while there would be 53460 German speakers, 29700 Dutch speakers, and 98010 other.
  5. The backcountry was often called a wild area, somewhat like the western frontier earlier.
  6. Ultimately, conflict developed in between the colonists and the Native Americans because they both wanted the same land and resources.
  7. The clan system helped the Scots-Irish survive by allowing them to come together in times of need more easily.
  8. The Native Americans would have felt terrified by the increasing number of colonists that were coming; though if you were to take any colonist who realized how many Native Americans were willing to kill him to take the land they got, they would have fled the colonies.

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