History Homework w/ a Hakiu

Land was important to the colonists because it allowed them to vote, and was a way to judge social class.

Women contributed to colonial economics by participating in several of the same things as men. Young people contributed to the economy by learning through work, which supports the economy by providing work for practice.

The great awakening affected the colonies by encouraging people to stand up to unjust governments and work for their rights. It also revived a lot of
They expected the rights to life, liberty and property.

The English government angered the colonists by removing the right to have a elected assembly of officials, instead replacing it with a appointed governor. They also increased taxes, which, with the combined lack of representation in government caused a lot of resentment.

England’s policies toward the colonies changed when they also had a similar problem when the king tried to take away power from the parliament. Some of the things they changed were the way governors were appointed and maintained, by re-allowing the colonies to elect assemblies , which, while the governor could over rule, they paid the governor.


Free press is lacking,
That mister Zenger now knows
To trial he now goes

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