More Homework (History Salem Witch Trials)

So, yeah. It’s more homework.


Theory #1 Disease

Ergot is a fungus that grows on grain in warm and damp conditions, and grows a hard structure on the grain.

If one were to consume Ergot you would experience burning sensations, hallucinations, seizures and convulsions.

Ergot poisoning could be responsible for the accusations of witchcraft as it matches the symptoms and can also cause hallucinations.

I think that it was extremely likely that Ergot caused the Salem Witch Trials, as it matches the symptoms, and also can cause hallucinations, although it may not be the sole cause, I think it was the main one.


Theory #2 Jealousy

Salem Village was different from Salem Town in many ways, for example, they had economic differences in the form of Salem Village being substantially poorer than Salem Town.

The people of Salem Village were much poorer and generally less respected which may have been the source of the resentment.

The separation of Salem Village from Salem Town caused class distinction to grow, and resentment too. Another effect of them being separated was it prevent them from hearing each other out.

I don’t think that jealousy caused the Salem Witch Trials, as it doesn’t seem to have been that much of a problem for them, although they were annoyed by each other; although, it may have played a part.


Theory #3 Strict Rules

Life as a Puritan child was extremely boring, as they discouraged, play, imagination and toys.

Puritan children were discouraged from using their imagination because they thought it was a sin.

I don’t believe it was fair for the puritans to judge children at the same level as adults, as they don’t have the same level experience as adults, nor do they have fully developed brains.

I don’t think that this was the cause of the Salem witch trials, although, it may have influenced it, as they wouldn’t have much experience in what is imagination and what isn’t, and it may have been semi-spiteful against adults.


Theory #4 Strict Adherence

Three words that describe Puritan life are strict, boring and sheltered.

Two examples of how strict Puritan life are: they would fine you for not going to religious gatherings, and anyone with a different opinion would be banished.

The Puritans enforced the idea of having the accusations of witchcraft being true by having government intervention to support them.

I don’t think this was the sole cause, but it may have played a large part. In my personal opinion, this would have made up to about 35% of the cause for the Salem Witch Trials.


Final Verdict

First, the Salem Witch Trials have been attributed to many possible causes, including things such as Ergot poisoning, strict social rules, and strict adherence to religion. Each of these possible reasons can match parts the records in nearly all of the necessary areas, but, alone, one of these theories could not account for all factors. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that it was a combination of these causes. From the evidence provided, I have deducted the causes that are the most responsible are, in order, Disease, Religious adherence and Strict social rules.

My analysis of prior mentioned factors leads me to believe that disease, specifically Ergot poisoning, were the main cause for the accusations leading to the Salem Witch Trials. I was lead to believe this by the fact that the symptoms of Ergot poisoning match those reported by the accusers, while also containing a less refined form of LSD, which would allow for hallucinations. Ergot also prefers to grow in warm and damp conditions which could be found in  the swamps surrounding the town of Salem, making a reasonable assumption to believe that the fungus may have spread into food stocks, which then lead to Ergot poisoning.

One of the flaws with this theory is that why weren’t the other townsfolk reporting the same symptoms; but, to this I provide a solution: as the afflicted lived in the outskirts of town, which was where they did most of the farming, it is possible that they had separate food stocks that got infected, instead of a town central stock being infected. While it is possible that others would still be infected, as the infected may have sold some of their food to the rest of town, it would have taken longer to show up, which is supported by the fact that after the first two cases, in a few weeks three others had fallen ill and showed the same symptoms.

In the cases where it was not solely caused by poisoning or hallucinations, some of the other theories come into play, for example, when Ergot poisoning occurred, instead of taking those afflicted to a doctor, they immediately thought that it was a curse. This could be attributed to them being fiercely religious, and having little understanding of what else could have been the cause. That, in conjunction with mob mentality may have made it so people who would have offered a different cause for the “curse” may have been scared into silence for fear of being called a witch themselves. In the rare case where even with these two possible explanations there is something that cannot be answered by them, for example one of the first accusations, which was of two children accusing their caretaker of being a witch. If only thought upon briefly, there isn’t a clear answer; but, this can be solved with one last theory, which is that because Puritan children were told not to express their imagination, the children either imagined some of the things they used in the accusation, or, in this case, as we also know that their caretakes told them stories of magic, and did magic tricks for them, they felt guilty of expressing their imagination, and blamed someone to help elevate their guilt. This is further supported by the fact  that the first few accusations were from children.

I believe that from the evidence provided that there is no single reason for the Salem Witch Trials, instead the culprit takes the form of a amalgamation of several different reasons. I personally think that the two main reasons were disease and strict religious adherence, with disease being the main reason of those two. I believe this because of the symptoms matching those reported by the accusers, while also including the possibility of hallucinations.

Hey Look, A Wild Disaster Appeared!

Welp, I have to make a post about this disasters book that my mom got me. Today the disaster I will be going over is the Irish Potato Famine, so, the first disease I’ve had to cover, I believe.

The Irish Potato Famine was caused by a fungus that infected potatoes, and, while not starting in Ireland, it had the largest effect there, as they relied heavily on potatoes for feeding the poor. Besides starving tons of people and causing the government to look into ways to stop it’s effects, it also caused mass evictions as landlords started to make less profit from the poorest workers as their was a tax on landlords to support the poorest of their tenants, which caused them to evict their poorest of tenets. Despite this, some (albeit few and far between) areas still experienced population growth, and some areas experienced little to no decline. Some people faced with this disaster ate seaweed, sometimes drank the blood of their own cows for nutrients, and ate grass; in short, don’t rely on only one source of food because sometime it decides to die.

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History Homework

So, yeah. Here’s some more homework (yay).

England profited from colonial shipping by introducing the Navigation Acts, which dictated

  • That all ships used by the colonies for transporting goods must have either been made in the colonies, or in England.
  • All plantation crops and all wood must only be sold to England.
  • European goods must go to English ports.
  • Taxes. Just taxes in general.

Prosperity allowed New England to manufacture some of the best boats, which were good enough to rival the boats made by England, which kind of annoyed them. It also allowed for them to build wealthy port cities, which England was also kind of jealous of.

Enslaved people were sometimes able to make money by either being given some as a gift by a kind “owner”, or by being allowed to keep some of the crops they farmed, or by farming their own goods, which they could then sell.

New England came to depend on fishing and shipbuilding due to the fact that they could be out-farmed by the other colonies, and by the fact that the amount of rivers that lead to the sea there was quite high, and was also influenced by how good the water was for fishing.

A modern example of people using their environment to gain wealth like New England did is people who own Oil Tycoons and similar businesses, as they are exploiting their environment to gain wealth.

The earliest Plantations were located on the shores of the Tidewaters, which was a flat-ish plane along the shore.

The planters (the people who owned plantations) met the work needs of their plantations with slaves and indentured servants.

South Carolina’s settlers feared a slave revolt as a large portion of the population was slaves.

The House of Burgesses strengthened the rights of colonists by making it much harder to a governor to gain too much power.

The House of Burgesses contributed to democracy by being the first representative governing body established in the New World. They also had a elected legislature which governed with the royally appointed governor. This means that Virginia didn’t have one person who was judge, jury and executioner. Some of their representatives also pursued reforms to slavery, and they also denounced some of the taxation laws passed by England.

Homework Anwsers, I Guess.

His whistling would be coming from the south east

adding the two vectors together would result in this 

Adding two vectors with the same magnitude and opposite directions cancel each other out

your car doesn’t sink through your driveway because of the “Normal Force”


My mass on the moon would also be 86kg

I expect a different result, as the scale measures weight which is approximately one sixth on the Moon of what it is on Earth.

I expect the same result, as the imbalance is proportionally the same




Disaster Book Thing

So, my mom wants me to make a post about some disasters I read about in a book, so, here it is.

The Horizon Oil Spill was a event where a failsafe mechanism broke on the Deepwater Horizion, which caused oil to seep up from the ocean bed, instead of from the top, which was substantially worse, as relief efforts couldn’t remove the oil that spilled down there because to do so they would just cause the damage the oil spill was going to do, and because of this they decided not to remove the oil that was deeper down. This event caused the U.S government to suspend oil rigs there for five moths, and become more strict with the rules for the oil rigs. This was also the worst oil spill the U.S has ever had. Well, that’s all, so, bye!

History Homework

So, I’ve been told to write down my history homework here, so, here it is.


Lord Baltimore founded Maryland for the purpose of having a place where Catholics would not be persecuted.

Some of what drew settlers to the Carolinas was that the land was being given away to the king’s supporters.

James Oglethorpe wanted to create a colony that acted as a place for people to start anew.

Slavery expanded into the southern colonies because people wanted to become rich, and because other people near those who wanted to be rich were envious of the other’s wealth (which made them get slaves).

South Carolina planters because wealthy because they sold very profitable crops, and barely had to pay anything to do so.

People settle the middle colonies because they could farm enough to survive, and the rivers nearby allowed for efficient trading.

The goal of the patroon system was to get more settlers to the colonies.

The English took over the Dutch colony New Netherland because they saw the Dutch as a threat.

America was able to move beyond by religious and ethnic due to the values that were often held, of equality and hard work.

Here is a chart of population trends from 1680-1720.


Hi! Today I will tell you about the disasters I read about in my disasters book! So, I will be telling you about a event that happened in 1997, called the “Southeast Asian Haze”, which was colossal smoke cloud which hung over a large portion of East Asia, as the name implies, and was caused by huge fire in Indonesia which produced smoke that was then blow across the sea, causing this disaster. Now, you might be asking yourself “Why is a bunch of smoke so bad?”, well, it was a problem because there was enough smoke to harm industry and kill a few people, which is bad enough by itself, but then help efforts weren’t coordinated with each other which caused the problems to be resovled much slower. Well, that’s all, so, bye!

Muesum Trip!

Hi! Today I will tell you about the museums I went to! So, the first museum I went to was the Hiller Aviation Museum, where we looked at several airplanes, some models, some recreations and some decommissioned. I also got to use a drone flight simulator, which was fun, and it came with the extra bonus of discovering some features of the program that even the staff didn’t know of, so that was pretty cool. The second museum I went to was [insert name I forgot], which was a museum about the zeppelins that US Navy made. It was pretty darn cool, especially because I got to wear some army equipment (a staff member allowed me to), and we got to see some of the blueprints for the zeppelins they launched, which were colossal. The final “museum” (this one was only kind of a museum, you’ll see why soon) we went to was the NASA Ames visitor center, where we got to some models of landing capsules and the ISS, and they actually had a moon rock there, which is pretty insane if you think about it, although it does still look like a regular rock, as it’s made of roughly the same stuff as a Earth rock; but, either way, it’s cool. So, in general we had a great time, got to learn a bunch of new things, and had a lot of fun.                                                                     Ok bye


Hi! Today I will tell you about one of the disasters I read about! The disaster I will be talking about it a small ice age that seemingly wiped out a entire viking colony (in greenland). The colony was created during a extra warm period, so the effects of cold weren’t that bad, and farms were set up, and, eventually, enough people lived there that they got their own bishop; Meaning it was a pretty darn big colony. All was fine even when it started to get colder, at least for a while. The farms still worked, just worse. Eventually though, it got so cold that the farms started to fail, and because they didn’t adopt the farming or hunting tactics of the other groups of people living there (like the Inuit people), so they also weren’t able to hunt as well. The real problems arose when ice started blocking wood imports though, as trees were very limited; and this meant that they couldn’t cook as much food either, nor keep their houses as warm. Later on, the colony’s population started decreasing more and more, whether that’s from increased death or from people leaving cold not be discerned. In the end, the colony collapsed. Well, that’s all, so, bye!